Biotechnology in the food processing sector makes use of micro-organisms for the preservation of food and for the production of a range of value-added products such as enzymes, flavour compounds, vitamins, microbial cultures and food ingredients. Biotechnology applications in the food-processing sector, therefore, target the selection and manipulation of micro-organisms with the objective of improving process control, product quality, safety, consistency and yield, while increasing process efficiency. In an effort to address the future expectations of stakeholders in post-harvest management and food processing sector through food biotechnological research and development innovations, it becomes necessary to build a Food Biotechnology Department.

Recombinant gene technology, genetically modified (GM) microbes/food for sustainable development for food and nutrition will also be catered to, by harnessing the potential of biotechnology. Biotechnology is also widely employed as a tool in diagnostics in order to monitor food safety, prevent and diagnose food-borne illnesses and verify the origins of foods.

Affiliation with Bharathidasan University is obtained for pursuing Doctoral program in biotechnology. Hence, this department will cater to all these applications and R&D activities related to food biotechnology, food microbiology and food safety.