Dr. Sayantani Dutta



Dr. Sayantani Dutta


Dr. Sayantani Dutta earned her B. Tech and M. Tech in Biotechnology from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata in 2009 and 2012, respectively; and her Ph.D. (Engg.) in Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2017.

Erstwhile, she has worked in the areas, including but not limited to, bioremediation of heavy metal and carcinogenic stresses; development of novel utilization of Tinospora cordifolia in lactic acid production. Besides institution based researches, she has also been engaged in research activities at reputed organizations such as NIT Durgapur; ISI, Kolkata; and East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited, Kolkata. She also had a stint in industry.

During her doctoral dissertation, she was engaged in research on derivation of nutraceuticals from spices (black pepper and small cardamom), wherein she utilized the green technology of extraction of supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2). This was a turnkey project funded by DST-West Bengal. She also had an exposure to advanced electronics in food technology in this tenure and has worked on employment of electronic nose (e-nose) for quality assessment of food products. She has also explored opportunities in computational modeling and simulation as well, as a part of process engineering, during her past and present investigations.

She has published her research findings in various international journals of repute; besides 4 book chapters, a popular article, and numerous poster and oral presentations in scientific conclaves, as of date. At present she is conducting her research as a DST-INSPIRE Faculty in the Department of Computational Modeling and Nanoscale Processing Unit, at IIFPT.

She is interested to work on functional food supplements employing novel food processing techniques and in developing economically feasible food resources for developing countries. Besides research, she has been instrumental in various institutional and outreach activities as well, and has also extended her support towards social responsibilities. She is believer of teamwork and opines conglomerated efforts yield better results. She is interested in music and painting, and believes that art can help explore more in science!